Who We Are

The Women Behind The Women

Deanna Slusar | Photographic Artist

Visual storyteller through colourful connection.

Nora Salem | Creative Director

Owner of BUD + BLOOM, artful advocate of the cannabis plant.

Annaliese Kibler | Director of Operations

Leading industry professional with 9 years of experience in cannabis.

Heather Wilkinson | Director of Narrative & Merchandising

Partner at The Cannabis Nurses and the Canna Queens' Club.

Kieley Beaudry | Director of Fundraising

President of the ACMLA and passionate cannaseur. Featured in the 2023 exhibit.

Amber Craig | PR & Marketing Coordinator

CMO of Four20 and mental health advocate. Featured in the 2023 exhibit.

Christina Michael | PR & Marketing Coordinator

CEO of The Entourage Co. and Cannabis for Harm Reduction.

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