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The Catalyst 2023

The Catalyst is a cannabis art project launched by four women with a passion to end the stigma surrounding the cannabis plant. We believe that an effective way to do this is by telling the stories of how cannabis has profoundly changed lives.

In honour of the full spectrum medicine that the femme flowers produce, our 2023 showcase features the life-changing cannabis journeys of 33 women in a photographic art series. Our goal is to listen to their stories, hold them with gratitude, and share them with the world through a lens that will shift societal perspectives on cannabis use for years to come.

On March 31st, we had our Opening Gala at the BUD + BLOOM Visual Arts Studio. At that time, people were able to view the exhibit for the first time, take in the women's powerful stories, and celebrate the plant with live music, catering, and community.

The exhibit has now been invited to showcase in spaces across Canada and beyond, however, we need your help in covering the costs to take it where it wants to grow. Sponsorship inquiries can be sent to hello@the-catalyst.ca

Over 10,000 years ago Mother Earth blessed us with a powerful healing plant that allowed us to access and nourish all pillars of health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Despite the potential to bring healing to the human experience, the plant continues to be stigmatized and misunderstood despite legalization due to its complicated history. Prohibition took this avenue for healing away from us 100 years ago due to racism, patriarchy, and greed, not because cannabis was dangerous. Now, it is time to take back what is truly ours by sharing the truth of the plant.





The Catalyst was born out of our passion to showcase how the cannabis plant can be a powerful catalyst for positive change that results in a better quality of life with increased capacity. Cannabis is an ancient medicine that has been used for years for women’s health; Queen Victoria herself used cannabis her entire adult life for painful periods – making it a medicine that's quite literally fit for a queen.

Through powerful mixed media art we want to showcase the full scope of the cannabis plant and celebrate the healing she brings. It is through story, vulnerability, community and lived experience that we will change stigma for once and for all. 

Tell your story.

Story submissions for the 2023 exhibit are now closed.

For the 2024 exhibit, we will be shifting our focus to a different underrepresented demographic in the cannabis space so that we can do justice to the unique barriers, struggles, and experiences that segments of our population face.

Our team is currently busy executing this year's exhibit and will begin planning for 2024 this coming winter.

If you're interested in telling your story, please contact us or keep an eye on this website for more information.

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